I AM TCNJ Explore Themes tcnj brand A Docu-Story Project A documentary project exploring the stories of the lived experiences of students at The College of New Jersey. Our Docu-Story project is simultaneously an educational tool and vehicle for students to open hearts and minds to the experiences of others. yellow arrow bars

Hear our voices

The TCNJ Docu-Story is a web-based interactive experience that attempts to capture insights on the ways in which students experience TCNJ. The focus of the project is on exploring the underlying nature of privilege and difference on the TCNJ campus. The following 17-minute video is an introduction to the larger project, the student participants, and their stories.


Slide Themes Assumptions Institutional Racism The American Dream Microaggressions The Classroom Experience Sense of Belonging Intersectionality Where Do We Begin? Race: The Interpersonal Context Stereotypes

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Slide Amy Moyer Camera Sean O. Stallings Director Lorna Johnson-Frizell Genevieve Faust Brenda Leake Co-Chair, Opportunity Gap Learning Community Vice President for the Division of Student Affairs Executive Producer Donald Leake Producers Amy Moyer Editor Ian Mosely Duffy Production Assistants Paulo Rojas Marta Ryan Parker Leake Production Coordinator Ana Gutierrez Sound Recording Rich Mach Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning A project of The Division of Student Affairs and The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Co-Chair, Opportunity Gap Learning Community Sean Stallings Lorna Johnson-Frizell
Brenda Leake Donald Leake Interviewers Jill Schwarz
John Oliver Amanda Simpson Kim Quick