Thank You

We would like to thank each of our students who participated.

Mitchelle Abuna

Marcus Allen

Lauren Bsales

Christopher William Blakeley

Roman Brooks

Quinton Casillas

Ino Cintrón-Burch

Georgia Cyriax

Diana Da Silva

Brianna Dixon

Miguel Gonzalez

Suchir Govindarajan

Ana Camila Gutierrez

Shirley Hecht

Grace Hill

KyAra McCray

Tara Mild

Cristhofer Alexander Moreira

Daliah Ouedraogo

Lloyd Padmore

Maggie Paragian

Kiyla Peterson

Roshni Raji

Elisa Rios

Kelly Saldarriaga

McKenna Samson

Omobola Solebo

Shana Thomas

Special Thanks

Tim Clydesdale

Maurice Hall

Adam Holsten

Lauren Kaplan

Mark Mehler

Kerri Thompson-Tillett

Matthew Winkel

Opportunity Gap Learning Community


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